Huevos Cubanos (Eggs in Savory Sauce) a.k.a. Shakshuka

INGREDIENTS:  (per 1-egg serving)
1/2 cup                 Old Havana Sofrito - Authentic Cuban Cooking Sauce (for a more savory flavor)
  OR                      Old Havana Foods Chili Cubano (for a slightly spicy/zesty flavor)
3 Tablespoons        Water
1                          Egg
To taste                Salt and pepper

1.  Mix ½ cup Old Havana Sofrito or Old Havana Chili Cubano and 3 tablespoons water (per egg) in a non-stick skillet. Warm over medium heat until bubbling.
2.  Make a well in the seasoning mixture. Break egg into the well. Cover, cook 3 to 5 minutes until white is set and yolk cooked to desired doneness.
3.  Season with salt and pepper.
4.  Serve with tortillas, chips or toasted bread.

Serves 1.  May be doubled or more depending on size of skillet.

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